African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Hymns

The African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church shares many of their ideologies with the Methodist Church, with the exception of being a black-majority organization. As a result of being both a sternly abolitionist institution, and being comprised of largely African Americans, the AME church produced hymns that rang of anti-slavery sentiments.

Slave Trade Hymn

“Free,” “saviour,” and “deliver” are all repeating words in the AME hymns that are related to emancipation. Additionally, “sold” appears several times in the corpus which indicates that there is mention of the slave market within the hymns. 

The AME Church is also an evangelical church, which encourages love of Jesus, but also the fear of God. This is echoed in the hymns, as the links between collocates displays above. “Happy” is linked to “Jesus,” while “death” and “dismayed” are linked to God.